The Uncommon Waiter

The Uncommon Waiter by Kasey Mitchell

Feel like curing up with a sexy book?

On an exotic vacation, far away from the hectic business that has consumed Mia Montgomery since her husband’s death, Shemar steps into Mia’s life. Mia has known love before- yet this man, strong in every way, forces her to face her demons as well as accept that she has never quite tasted the forbidden fruit of passion. Shemar’s heady sexuality teases the dormant yearning that threatens to awaken within Mia. Will she let go of the past that threatens to choke her to welcome new love into her life?

Under the pen name Kasey Mitchell, Kathleen adds some zest to your life with The Uncommon Waiter, a sexy novel that challenges trite thinking as it makes your toes curl.

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