The Tapestry of A. Taylor- An Excerpt

The following excerpt is one of my personal favorites in the book. Brie, a woman so riddled with insecurities, discovers that her self-doubt about her husband’s love is not unfounded. It is the “ah-ha” moment that catapults her into a new life. Hope you enjoy it!

“Then it all came back to me- the argument, the altercation I had insisted on, and his need to prove himself. Earlier that day while I was shopping, I decided to buy Seth some of his favorite golf balls and take them to his office. I never went there but for some reason, I wanted to surprise him. It seemed I was always trying to win his affection and make him want me. I stopped by around three that afternoon just before I needed to pick up Katie from school, thinking Seth and I could set the stage for a pleasant evening. When I arrived, his secretary said he was meeting with Judge Miller in his office and they may be a while. I waited for thirty-five minutes. It felt like déjà vu all over again from my first attempt early in our marriage when I tried several times to see him at work. I decided enough was enough. Maybe he and his secretary had an arrangement for her to keep me away. Maybe they were having an affair. Whatever the reason, I was his wife, of almost five years now, and she was not going to keep me from my husband. I was too intimidated to walk blatantly past her so I pretended to have a coughing fit and asked her to get me some water. Once she left her desk and was down the hallway, I jumped up and walked directly into Seth’s office. What I saw shook me to my very foundation.”

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